Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pajama Run

There is this article I read over at Motherhood Your Way a while ago that I have been keeping stored in the back of my mind.  It's called:  5 Secrets to Being a Super Fun Mom.  I re-read it often when I find myself in a spontaneity rut.
My favorite is #2 on the list:

2. Be Spontaneous (written by Kat from Inspired to Action )

One of our favorite things to do with the kids is something we call a Pajama Run.
We put the kids to bed just like every other night and then after about 5-10 minutes, we run in yelling “Pajama Run! Get in the car! Hurry! Go! Go!”
Then we take them to get ice cream at a drive in restaurant like Sonic.
Getting ice cream is normal. Getting ice cream in your pj’s after bedtime? Awesome.

(Note: If you do this with your kids, you might want save the yelling and screaming until the second time you do it. Don’t want to freak them out. Also, we have a rule that if they ask for a PJ Run, we automatically can’t do one. This is key as it spares you from daily begging.)

Sonic is now offering the After Moon Delight deal all summer.  After 8 pm you get 1/2 off all ice cream shakes.

Perfect!  Bedtime for little man is 8 pm.  aaandd he happens to enjoy milkshakes. aaandd this would be a good excuse for me to get in on that action.  I believe the stars have aligned.

I don't know how we will pull off the pajama thing seeing as my boy likes to sleep free-willy-nilly. 

Maybe we'll just shout out "Diego Pull-Ups Run! Get in the car!"


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