Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY Photo Christmas Card

  (I know it's a card with trees on it, I am saving my family pics for later  :)

Earlier this year I won a HUGE Giveaway package from Jacob Dean Photography.  My head is still spinning!  I decided to be very patient and wait until Fall to have the shots done so I could use them for our Christmas cards.  A few weeks ago I started looking around online for some ideas to showcase my new family portraits.  I settled on a simple card design that looks very similar to the one above.  After checkout, envelopes, shipping and taxes  they came out to about $2.05 per card!  I want about 100 cards, so that's over $200 bucks for me -um, I'll pass.  I  looked at the cheaper options and they still priced for over $1.00 per card and they looked, well, cheaper.  Of course, because I have nothing else in my life to accomplish, I decided to figure out how to do it myself.  Now you too can have your cards printed,  for an average of .50 cents per card (including envelopes).

WARNING:  This is the longest post ever, but still these are so easy to make.  After figuring it out, I can now design a card in under 10 minutes. This will save me tons of trouble in the future!

Sign up for Picasa  (FREE) by going to here.  Picasa will automatically search for and upload all pictures found on your computer.
Sign up for (FREE) by going here.  If you don't already know, picnik is an amazingly simple way to edit pictures
Go online and find a Christmas card design that you think you can take on, start simple.
Go into your Start menu/Programs and find Picasa
When in Picasa Click on Create

While under Create tab Click on Picture Collage.  (If pictures already appear on your work surface click select all and then remove).
Pull how ever many pictures you want for your card from the left.  Click on Get More if you need to search for more.

Once you are pleased with your picture combination, click on the Settings tab
follow a. - e. below

a. Choose 5x7 Large Print
b. You can choose picture pile, mosaics or grid. I choose picture pile so I can create a blank space between pics.
c. Play around with border options
d. If you want a color to your borders choose one here
e. UN-check Draw Shadows

Arrange your photos how you would like them in your lay out.
*TIP I made a space in between two pics so I can add a statement in. 
*Extend your pictures a little bit past the 5x7 edge so that they will print cleanly.
Click  Create Collage.

Click Edit in Picnik 

Now play around with stickers and text and colors
(I used geometric rectangles and a triangle, for for the banner, added a snowflake, then text.)

Save it to your pictures and upload it to your favorite photo developer.

**At SAMS they offer 5x7 prints for as low as .34 cents (.38 for in club pickup)
 ***You can find envelopes for around 7-15 cents a piece.  Look for size A7 envelopes (5 1/4 x 7 1/4). Try, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I hope this helps you  save a little extra jingle for the holidays!
I'd love to see what you come up with!


Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

Shandra this is such an awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing!

Trish @ Uncommon

Unknown said...

This is an awesome tutorial! I wonder if PicMonkey could be helpful, too....


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