Tuesday, September 20, 2011

$5 Monogram Wreath

This year I am so determined to take small steps towards decorating.  Even though we move almost annually, I still feel bummed that I have never really nested.  The budget is tiiiight and It's been hard to justify any extra spending of home fluff.  I'm trying to portray to the Hubbs that decorating is part of my natural domestication process.  It's important to me -dang it! This happens to be a touchy subject for me.

I talked about starting with decorating my front porch in this post , and now I'm working on a few different ways to strectch a buck or five.  I've been looking for a way to use these leaves I picked up at the Dollar Tree:


Monogram Wreath
A piece of cardboard big enough to cut your letter of choice (I had a cardboard box on hand) = FREE
Hot glue gun (already have) = FREE
5 packs of leaves from Dollar Tree (10 count per pack) = $5.00

Trace your letter onto cardboard and cut out

Get an idea of how you want to glue your leaves on and start gluing

.....and done.

When I showed it to Hubbs he giggled a little,  
I said "what", 
he said "it's a BIG D",
me: "Yes, our last name begins with a D, see it's customized",
He giggled, again, maybe not so much giggled as scoffed perhaps

So for some reason I let what he says get to me and my pretty little wreath lost it's home on the front porch and is now hanging on the back. But when walking up to it -it is so beautiful!  Even Mr. D is now loving the contrast.  Too late Mr. D. I already spent $15 bucks on the new wreath I'm making for the front porch.  Ha!  that'll teach you to giggle/scoff at my domestication process......

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Susan @ Defrump Me said...

Well, whatever Mr. D says, I think it's very cute! Monogram wreaths are so big right now! and I think this on is right on the money! Good job on being budget conscious and making a super-cute thrifty project!

Susan @Defrumpme

Emilee said...

Wow looks great I was going to do something like this but wasn't sure how it would turn out... glad to know it looks so cute!hehe

Karen said...

It looks great Shandra! I love the bright colors....and only $5 bucks. You ROCK!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Wow, this looks so great! I love it.

Unknown said...

LOVE this! I am such a fan of monograms...I put one on my fall wreath, but I really like how your whole 'wreath' IS the monogram! Clever! I'd be so excited if you'd link it to my door decor challenge. :)



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