Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The A+ List

Every now and then I come across some things that are so great I just have to share them.

These things make the grade for me:

1 A neat paper craft to add to your computer camera  Midget and Giant
2 If you haven't seen these yet... soap flakes
3 Now you can just stick a chalkboard surface on.  Chalkboard Contact Paper
4 If I were a kid, this would be my dream room
5 Wouldn't these prints be so lovely in a nursery?  theanimalprintshop
6 What and amazing family shot! sloanphotographers

Extra Credit:  
These custom designed KitchenAid Mixers totally rock!  Custom KitchenAid Mixers

Have fun out there,

The House </a></p><p> Creative

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sea Foam

I like to use bath time not only as an opportunity to wash out all of the spaghetti sauce we used for hair gel, but also for learning.   Camden is really into his sea creature bath toys, but they get moldy so easily and kinda freak me out.  So, off to the dollar store for some ideas. 

I found this pack of foam for $1 at The Dollar Tree.  
I think it will work perfectly for this craft.

Cut out your creatures.  
These little sheets cut very easily.

Get them damp and stick them to the wall.
That's it!

It's even more fun to splash now!
(Hooray for dollar store crafting!) 

Stay playful (and clean),

Friday, March 18, 2011

Creative Ways To Help Japan

Buy Poster Here

Download American Idol Performances. info here

Lady Gaga designed relief bracelet buy bracelet here

Give well wishes by creating paper cranes Facebook page here

Buy on Etsy :
 Go to Etsy and type 'japan relief'

Leave a positive comment on this this YouTube Video and he will donate .50 cents

'Like' Voskos Yogurt click here

Go to She has the links to many bloggers that are helping creatively.

On a more positive note, here are some survival and hope stories  here

Take the time to give creatively,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grasshopper Cupcakes

With all of this green around me, I got a hankerin' for something minty.  I love grasshopper pie, but needed a more family  friendly version so everyone could enjoy. 

You will need (makes 12):

-1 8oz. Block cream cheese (softened)
-1/3 Cup of sweetened condensed milk
-1 Egg
-1/4 tsp of peppermint extract
-1/4 tsp of vanilla extract
-1 Tbsp of flour
- 20 Oreo cookies (or if you like extra minty, try mint stuffed Oreos)
-1/4 Cup mini chocolate chips
-Green food coloring

Preheat oven to 375
With electric mixer, mix cream cheese, milk, egg, extracts, and flour until light and fluffy.
Mix in food coloring to desired color.
Stir chocolate chips into mixture.
Line muffin tin with cupcake wrappers and drop 1 cookie into each one.
Spoon mixture over cookies.
Smoosh remaining cookies in a baggie, then sprinkle over each cupcake.
Bake for 20-22 minutes (do not overcook).
Let cool.  Place in fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

Garnish with whipped cream, mint or more cookies!

Take a bite and give your baby a minty kiss!

Bye Cupcake,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Smoothies (Yoda Drink)

These will be a new breakfast tradition for us.   
At first, the thought gulping down a thick green drink didn't thrill me.  By the second sip I was hooked!  You'll be proud to serve this nutrient packed drink to your family too.

What better day to have your kids try this than on St. Patty's Day?

You will need: (makes 3-4)
4 Cups Fresh Spinach (loosely packed)
1 1/2 Cups Orange Juice
1 Ripe Banana
2 Cups Frozen Fruit (light colored or your drink will look like mud)

Blend until completely smooth

Go Green,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Don't Need No Steenking Toys!

Toddler Entertainment Recipe

You will need:
1 random item from the recycling bin

Mix in some round objects.  
Makes 2 hours of entertainment and 1 break for Mom.

I mean 2 HOURS!

Stay Young - Play Often,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

It's been awfully rainy here in the Upstate.  Little Man has waaay too much pent up energy and Mommy is wondering how much longer she can be his personal trampoline.  Though he is just coloring and doodling now,  I wanted to look into what we will be able to do in the near future.  I was surfing around the web until I ran across this one stop shop for family fun.

Have you met the Dubiens?
Jill over there has the greatest little craft tutorials, fun food ideas, and takes beautiful pictures.  Her son is also named Camden!  She's like my cool Canadian Sista'.

Here are just a few examples of what she has on her blog - Meet the Dubiens

Aren't these great!  I can't wait to do these with the boy. 

Stay dry and play,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Emotions

I can hardly believe that it has been 5 years since 'I dun runned oft' to Vegas with my Mister!  It was the best bet I could have ever made.   In honor of our anniversary I could get overly cheesy on you, but instead I'll share these absolutely gorgeous and emotional photos (featured over at The Pioneer Woman - AKA my Bloggy hero).

Some of the links have great little stories behind them.




















Thanks Babe,


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