Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scratch Off Valentines

I got this super cute idea from over at littlelovely.   What a sweet Blog!

You Will Need:
-Contact Paper (Just ask the nice staff at Hobby Lobby where to find it.  It's only about $4 and has tons of uses!)
-Red Card Stock and Envelopes (I got lucky and found a pre-cut set)
-Metallic Gold Paint (the cheap acrylic craft kind)
-Gold Gel Pen
-Paint  Brush
-Dish Detergent

1. Cut a heart out of your paper.
2. Write your sentiment.

3. Cut the contact paper to size.
4. Attach contact paper to face of card and trim around heart.

5. Mix 2 parts gold paint with 1 part dish liquid.
6. Paint over your phrase, let dry and add a second coat. Let project dry completely.

Send Valentine off with a coin.

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