Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heart Garlands

Valentine's and paper crafts, what a perfect couple.  
Check out these easy paper heart garlands.  

You Will Need:
-Construction paper in colors of choice
-Scissors or paper cutter
-Regular Scotch tape
-Double sided tape
-Neutral colored thread

-Cut several strips of paper into even widths.

-Decide what kind of shape you would like. I made big hearts, little hearts CurlyQ's, and S's. (If it's a larger shape tape two strips of paper together first with regular tape).
-Curl the paper around a pencil to form your shapes

-Thread the needle through the bottom of your heart.  
-Using double tape secure the thread and shape together.
Some of the shapes will need to be secured by wrapping some double sided tape on the thread underneath them.
-Just hang and that's it.

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