Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents' Day

Here are some of the things I don't like about Presidents' day:

Car commercials - Why the heck are they so loud?!!  What about our Founding Fathers makes us need to buy a new car?

Going to the bank -shoot it's a holiday!

Going to the Department of Motor Vehicles -shoot it's a holiday!

Driving past the Post Office because it's a holiday. least Starbucks is open.

Here are some things I do like:

Reminding myself about all of the footwork done before me, so I may have the privilage to live in this beautiful country.

This Amazing Print by One Canoe Two:


Wouldn't this be a great learning tool for kids.  The illustrations are perfect and should stick into their little kid brains.

Hope you take a moment to think about what this day is for, and do please avoid the malls, scary.

Hail to the Chief,

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