Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crepe Valentines

 Here is a simple Valentines Day project you can do with the kids (the more patient, crafty kind of course).

You Will Need:
Card stock paper in color/s of choice
Crepe streamer paper in color/s of choice
Pencil with flat eraser

-Cut a heart out of card stock.  (Note: The smaller the Valentine the less time consuming).
-If you want to give as a Valentine make sure to write what you want to say on the bottom.
-Cut squares out of the streamers.
-Apply Some Glue to the heart.  (Working from the outside in makes a lovelier heart.)

-Form the Square around the eraser of your pencil to create little buds.

-Press the buds into glue. Make sure to keep them pretty close together.
-Fill in all of the little spaces.

You can give these to your most special Valentines, turn them into wall art, or hang them with pretty ribbon in your windows
How would you use them?

I HEART hearts!

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