Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lunch Boxes, Bento Style

     Okay, Okay I know, the last thing a Momma wants to think about is what to pack for the kiddos at lunch-right?  Moms are busy, kids are picky, yada yada yada...  
     I'm sure some of us have made some type of resolution this New Year to put a little more effort into our kid's nourishment.  Something healthy, something fun, something that makes them think, "You know what?, that Mom, she's so cool, thoughtful, interesting and skinny.... 

These just really appeal to my creative/nerd/OCD and everything-needs-to-have-barriers-for-containment-purposes, side.  I'd like to share my lunch with you.

Look at what Melissa's kids get:

I'd trade my pudding pack for that! 

To Purchase these silver Bento Lunch Boxes with awesome
decorative magnets check out:

Cute and Crust-Free Sandwich Cutters:

20 Easy Bento Lunch Boxes at here

Who doesn't love monsters that you can create yourself?

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