Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rainbow Cake


For Camden's 1st Birthday I decided to go with a rainbow birthday cake.  It seemed challenging enough, so with a little extra time, love, and a mash up of many recipes, this is what I came up with:

You will need: 
-3 boxes of white cake mix
-ingredients to make the cakes as directed
-3 snack cups of vanilla pudding
-Wilton icing coloring in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple

3 -8oz Blocks Cream Cheese (brought to room temperature)
36oz Cool Whip
3 cups Confectioner's Sugar
3 tsps Vanilla Extract


You can measure out the batter into 6 bowls by eye, or if your'e a nerd like me, you can add up the combined weight of the bowls and batter on a food scale, divide by 6 and redistribute accordingly.

Use small amounts of gel per bowl (they are very concentrated).
I used toothpicks to add.

Transfer batter to pans. I baked 2 pans at a time at 325 for about 35-40 minutes.  When using pudding in any mix you really will have to go with inserting a toothpick and looking for it to come out clean.

Sooooo pretty

You need to make sure to level the layers or your cake will tilt.  I used a cheap $4.00 leveler from Walmart.  Make sure to work with wax paper.

I think it is best to freeze the layers ahead of time to make them easier to work with.  Use Wax Paper then wrap in saran wrap.

Take out of freezer and frost a few hours ahead of party.

To Make Frosting: Beat Cream Cheese, Sugar and Vanilla until well combined. Fold in Cool Whip very well (make sure you can taste the cream cheese throughout).

Oh Myyyy!!!!!!

  Use your imagination for toppings, I used Trix cereal.

This was a very big hit at the party.  The adults loved it and the baby pretty much just ate the Trix.

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Debbie Lee said...

this cake is unbelievable. how pretty. not sure i feel confident enough to do this. your baby boy is a cutie.


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