Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Night Away

This past weekend John and I decided to visit his Dad over in Myrtle beach.  John also had the spotaneous idea to check out a bed and breakfast over in Charleston.  Sounds like a great weekend to me.  "What about the baby?" I said, "We can't take an infant to a  B&B, people go there to relax."  John- "Sure we can, he's a goood baby." -that John, he's so cute (I'm mimicking a cute little pat on his head).  I can just imagine the other couples glaring at us as we try to wrestle our little romper into some state of control.  So we asked Grandy to watch him for a night.  He was more than willing. 

We got down to Charleston and prepared for a good old fashioned night out on the town.  After a few hours, the Holy Crap I Forgot My Baby Somewhere! feeling wore down, and I was able to actuallly enjoy myself.  You may not remember this, but I can be pretty laid back and fun to party with sometimes.  We walked all over downtown taking in the different happy hour specials at various locations.  John and I were almost giddy, holding hands wherever we went.  I didn't know how nice Charleston could be.  The times I have gone before it was in the middle of the hot humid summer heat -the zaps your will to live kind of heat.  This time it was perfect. The sunset lit the town up like it was on stage. 

Needless to say it was a great weekend.  We got some time in with the family and Grandy made it through the babysitting adventure unharmed.  I'll have to tell you about the diaper changing fiasco in another post -did you know they used to use saftey pins to hold diapers together?  Strraange!  As for how much he spoiled the baby and what kind of goodies the kiddo had- I don't even want to know.

       The Barksdale House Inn

The Courtyard

Some Breakfast on the Porch

Cousin Rowan and Camden

Gratuitous Chubby Baby Pic

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