Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greek Soaps and the Loss of Goldenboy (the shirt)

     Okay I have to tell ya, I have an affinity for all things Greek, be it the food, the soaps, or the all around richness of culture.  I was blessed several years ago to live in Tarpon Springs Florida for a summer. This is where my flame for authentic Greek good was fanned. Tarpon Springs holds the largest and oldest greek colony in America.  If you are ever near Tampa swing by and visit the sponge docks, it makes for a sweet afternoon.  While there you MUST vist the Seahorse, a shop with the most beautiful hand crafted soaps I've ever seen (or smelled for that matter).  Their online shop is -trust me, I value them so much I only use my precious soaps on special occasions. 

     Last year downtown Chicago was having a Greekfest, The Hubbs, Grandy, one of our Besties - Brian, and our brand new 1 month old were happy to attend. After we had our fill of souvlaki and feta, we found a vendor selling these super bright little shirts with a rooster proclaiming "KiKiDiKi" (The Greek version of Cock-a-doodle-do).  I had to buy one!  The smallest size they had was 12 months. 
     Today, with it being springtime, I impatiently brought it out to try on our 8 month old and guess what?  Big Beefy Baby could barely fit his Big Beefy head through it!

Man, these pythons are sick!

I just love it!

I feel the same when I get too plump for my 
favorite threads too, sweetie.  

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