Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and the Park

     Ahh Easter Sunday, can't you just feel the renewing possibilities?  I feel like I missed the boat a little this year.  We didn't try out egg dying or hiding (the baby would probably just try to cram them in his mouth).  No chocolate, candies or cakes (we adults would probably just try to cram them in our mouths).  We are in the middle of packing, so decorating was not an option.  All of this just motivates me to knock it out of the park next year.  
     Even though it was simple and small, we had a beautiful Easter.  The weather was perfect -warm and breezy.  It seems like every blade of grass was waiting for this morning to burst into green.  After Easter Service the three of us had a fantastic brunch.  John took us out to 'The Grand' in Arlington Heights.  We took our time enjoying the great food while Camden stayed busy catching everyone's eye. 
     Afterwards we went to the park to enjoy some sunshine and to take pictures 

My new bunny

What a charming little boy!

Ahhh, this is the life...

Warm and Breezy

Getting in some slide time in with Daddy

First time on a swing.  Yippee!

Earlier, while at brunch, we played the 'Guess How Many Jelly Beans Are In This Jar' game. 
They called to tell us that John won 4th place. 

 Big Pink Bunnies with Bubbles, Oh My!

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