Saturday, March 27, 2010

Healthy Baby Recipe: Easy Squash and Ricotta Ziti

Squash & Ricotta Ziti
(8 months +)
You will need:
 Overcooked Noodles - your choice (I used mini ziti)
Pureed Squash (or any orange veggie)
Ricotta (I had cottage cheese on hand instead)

Mix together  (I made extra for freezing)
You can make this as wholesome as you would like with whole grains and all organic ingredients.

The pediatrician says that at 8 months it will be time to start trying table foods like pasta.

Here it Goes:

Slippery Little Suckers!

Missing the whole 'finger foods' point.

 Mom and Baby Approved!

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Tallspice said...

So cute, and love that he is using or trying to use a spoon!


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