Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uses for Baby Food Jars

      So, as any other pack rat Momma (can it be excused as earth-lovin'?), I'm left to ponder: "What am I going to do with this overflow of baby food jars?"  I decided to spend an inappropriate amount of time researching and testing the mattter.  And NO snowglobes, bless their little hearts, will not be making an appearance on this list.

1. Oat Grass Gifts for Kitties

2. Under Shelf Containers (you can also screw the jars to an old lazy susan before you attach it under the shelves)


3. Bring Along Condiments to a Picnic

4. Send Jams, Jellies and Syrups with Homemade Food Gifts
5. Hanging Tea Lights


From: P. Allen Smith Garden Home
How to here

6. Serve Mini Desserts With Baby Spoons
7. Serve Snacks and Desserts at a Baby Shower
8. Keep Touch Up Paint Handy.  Store a small sponge brush/paitbrush/Q-tip with it.  I had TONS of makeup sponges from the 'like totally 80's' I found

9. Fill with Heavy Cream and Shake to Make Butter
10. Spice Jars
11. Seed Storage
12. Melted Butter for Crab and Lobster
13. Organize Desk Drawer
14. Sewing Notions
15. Sewing Kit


From Craft Pudding
instructions Here

16. Mini Terratiums

17. Bead Organizing
18. Bug Catcher
19.Chandelier - Okay it's a bit ambitious, but awesome!

From: Natural Home Magazine
 how to here

20. Baby Night Lights

21. Bath Salts Gift
22. Keep Tooth in it for the Tooth Fairy

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